33333333333333 When we designed dogPACER dog treadmills we did not compromise. We set out to design the best dog treadmills that have ever been built and we succeeded. See what the whole dog community is talking about. 




The Funniest dogPACER Letter We Have Ever Gotten

Lately, thanks to a few letters we ran a couple months ago, more fans and people who enjoy what our dogPACER dog treadmills can do have begun writing into us, to share their dogPACER stories. More often than not, these stories can be quite touching. We are even known to print some out and hang them around our office to remind us on tough days why we do this. But this week, we got a letter, and we don’t even know how to qualify it other than hilarious. We know this silly, and somewhat irreverent, but whoever wrote it sure knew our product, and sure had some nice things to say about it. What makes it so funny? Read on and see for yourself.



Dear dogPACER,

Do you know how hard it is to be a obese dog? I mean, you must, because it is like you specifically made this product for me. Hi, my name is Maxwell, and I am an overweight dog. PSYCH! I WAS an overweight dog, and now I am a dog who is in the best shape of his life. I just needed one of your treadmills to help me do that because I tend to get very easily distracted outside and like to run after smaller animals and cars, which can be very dangerous for me. Totally freaks out m owners, too. So they got me one of your treadmills when I began putting on some LB’s, if you know what I mean? At first, I thought it was a little crazy. Then I realized, this thing was built specifically for ME and my kind!

That got me so stoked, so I just started running everyday. It was extra cool because I still got to stay inside and watch TV and stuff. I just did it while running. The best part is it only took me about 6 weeks to lose all the weight I needed. This, in turn, got my ego up real high, which made me want to run outside and shun off. Well, I chased a car again. It did not turn out bad, but I think I will be staying in for a bit. Glad I got my dogPACER to keep me looking fresh.

Thanks, homies!

Maxwell the Dog

See, we told you it was funny. We are just assuming that Maxwell’s owners must have written this and given their dog a voice in the piece for fun, but this letter is DEFINITELY going on the office wall of fame.

Thank YOU, Maxwell! 




How Long Until I See Results With my dogPACER

The funny thing about working out and trying to get into better shape, be it animal or man, everyone takes to exercise and being physical quite differently. Some people and animals can drop pounds quickly, and some may it can take far longer to see results. All bodies are machines, and there is no set way to judge with one specific answer how long it would take for a dog to see results on adogPACER treadmill, but we actually have a pretty solid response to this wonderful question. Read on, my furry friends.



Believe it or not, even with minimal effort of about a half hour on the treadmill a day for five days a week, you can easily see results in your dog within two weeks. It varies depending on breed and how much the dog weighed initially, but when we get letters, which we do a lot lately, two weeks and three weeks are the terms we hear the most when it comes to obvious results. Keep in mind, we say and hope you are not feeding your dog too much or giving him or her too many treats, because in that case, it WILL take you longer to see results as those actions are counter productive with what you are trying to achieve. Which we hope, is a healthier dog.

So remember, in just two to three weeks, you can notice a physical difference in your dog, and if you think that you can notice it easily, imagine what it must be like for the dog? Not only are you ensuring that dog is healthier, but believe it or not, you are ensuring that dog is happier. That is pretty much the best feeling in the world. 



The True Tale of Haatchi The Three Legged Wonder Dog

Sometimes we like to inform. To find dog lovers and use this blog and our knowledge to provide the best answers to any dog queries you may have. In other instances, we just like to entertain. To make our readers laugh and realize that having a dog in our lives makes us both blessed and very lucky. But sometimes we get lucky enough to do both, as is the case with this story. The story of Haatchi, the 3 legged wonder dog.



Haatchi is a formerly abused Anatolian Shepard dog who, when found, had his back leg and tail amputated by a train, as he had been tied to the tracks by some awful person. They were not sure if the dog would recover, but not only did it recover, it ended up changing the life of someone who was afflicted with a handicap.

The dog ended up being adopted by the Howkins family, whose son, Owen, suffers from Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, which causes muscles to be permanently tense. This limits his mobility and makes it harder for him to do certain things, as well as limits him to the mobility of a wheel chair. But Haatchi and Owen seemed to bond right away, with the dog taking special interest in Owen and the desire to make Owen’s life better (much like Owen’s family did for the dog).

Flash forward, and Haatchi has been SUCH a huge help to the family that the dog actually earned the Crufts Bravery Award, which is awarded to a dog annually who shows an extreme amount of love and devotion to his owners, no matter what. It is the kind of story that hits you right in the heart. Also, it stands as proof that dogs make life better for anyone who is lucky enough to be around them every day.

So big props out to Owen and Haatchi. Two souls who prove that, with each other by their side, nothing is impossible!