33333333333333 When we designed dogPACER dog treadmills we did not compromise. We set out to design the best dog treadmills that have ever been built and we succeeded. See what the whole dog community is talking about. 




07 - Fat Dog

All dogs relish a tasty treat and they are an excellent way to reward good behavior, but if overused your dog could end up suffering from obesity before you even realize you are spoiling him and not providing him with the exercise he needs. It is important to pay close attention to your dog’s diet and activity for many reasons, but particularly if your dog is overweight. A balanced diet is essential to keeping a dog fit and healthy. But this is no enough.

You may not notice it at first, but should your dog become obese there are certain tell tale signs apart from the obvious physical weight gain. A diminished level of activity not conducive to his age is always a cause for concern, but a likely cause is that he has put on a little weight. Another symptom is labored breathing.


If your dog struggles for breath after an activity, which he once could do effortlessly, then perhaps it is time to get the scales out. If you have ever taken your dog off his lead in a large forest or field you will have noticed that he will always do more miles than you because he runs off and comes back as you are walking. This is one of the reasons that he is so healthy. But can we regularly give our pets that much exercise? Probably not. So it is important to find a way to provide your dog with one. Dog treadmill is a great solution for the dogs who have no chance of running in woods every day. They can run daily for 30 minutes on a dog treadmill while you are having your morning coffee. How easy is that?



FUPI dogFUPI in Las Vegas gains national attention to rescuing animals that must be given up or left in foreclosed homes. Adding to an already high amount of pets that need to be adopted have been the high rate of foreclosed upon homes and the owners that must give up, or in some cases, simply leave their pets in the homes that have gone through foreclosure. FUPI, Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc. was founded in 2008. This Las Vegas based organization has rescued and found new homes for over 2000 pets in 4 years.We have several FUPI foster parents that use the dogPACER dog treadmill to help exercise and rehabilitate the dogs they have rescued before they are adopted.


One of our favorite success stories is of Heidi, a sweet, but overweight dog that was passed over by many people looking to adopt because she was too heavy and could not fit through a dog door or they worried about her help. After only a few months of a proper diet and daily walks on the dogPACER dog treadmill, Heidi lost over 18 pounds and found a new forever home. If you want to learn more about FUPI or are looking to adopt a new pet, go to their website to find more.



07 -Dog Treadmill

We always get this question and thought we should go through the reasons why it is better to use a dog treadmill over a human treadmill when exercising your dog.Length is one of the top reasons. Many human treadmills are built to accommodate 2 legs, making it difficult for our 4-legged friends to keep up a good pace on. We designed the dogPACER with a longer belt so there are no concerns here.Weight and size was another big factor. Motorized human treadmills, the only type that should be used to exercise dogs, on human treadmills are heavy, bulky, loud and expensive. We designed the dogPACER to be light-weight, sleek and portable, whisper quiet and best of all for owners, affordable for all homes. Computer interface, on human treadmills, the computer is at a level that a human can control while walking or running.


On the dogPACER, we put the computer low to the ground and in front of the machine for the dog owner to control while their dog is walking or running on the treadmill. We also have pre-set exercise programs built in that can all be controlled easily by you…sorry, dogs still can’t operate machines. The side panels were one of the other most important factors when we designed the dogPACER. Human treadmills are left open on the sides, we put lightweight but secure side panels on the dogPACER so that your dog can focus on you and look forward while exercising on the dog treadmill. This is especially important for training them for the first time to exercise on a dog treadmill, for overweight or older dogs and to help them with knowing how to properly get on and off the machine so they are not hurt.