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June 2013



The month of May brought wonderful opportunity and excitement to dogPACER.  We started our international expansion with a few great shows and we kicked off the heat of the summer with a great new product, the dogPACER Hope - A special edition treadmill where we donate money to help fight canine cancer.  Learn all the details below!


dogPACER Hope
dogPACER, a pet lifestyle company, launched this month the LF3.1 Hope, and the Minipacer Hope, two special edition dog treadmills with a special cause: a portion of proceeds of the two models go to - The National Canine Cancer Foundation


Part of the exclusive line's price includes a $50 donation to the Canine Cancer Foundation. For every model sold, dogPACER matches that donation, making for a total donation of $100.


The LF3.1 Hope is designed for dogs up to 179 pounds, and the Minipacer Hope is made for dogs up to 55 pounds. The prices for the models are $549 and $529, respectively.


With pet obesity at an all time high and the hot months in front of us, exercise indoors has become key to keeping pets' weight in check and away from life-threatening illnesses that accompany obesity.  This keeps them strong, healthy and happy.


With the dogPACER Hope line we hope to help improve the lives of many dogs who may be fighting cancer.


dogPACER Has Arrived in Europe


ZooMark - Bologna, Italy.


Our team launched dogPACER Europe at Zoomark which was held in Bologna, Italy. The excitement for the innovative dog treadmills was at an all-time high.  Buyers from all around Europe came to the booth to check it out the treadmill and to see dogs run on it. 
We were featured in the biggest Italian news paper as one of the exciting new products to come and see!
Video from the show and the dogPACER spotlight can be found here.   After Italy we traveled to Hungary for more dog shows around the world!






World Dog Show - Budapest, Hungary

The team continued directly from Bologna to Budapest to attend the biggest dog show in the WORLD, with over 20,000 dogs and attendance of nearly 150,000 people.
Buyers from Europe came to see the dogPACER in action and got a chance to see it next to the main ring.
The Team had a great time and got to see some amazing dogs, such as the winner on the Eukanuba world dog show champion, the Old English Sheepdog. 


Interesting Image


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This month

we are featuring Dakota



Dakota was born on a thoroughbred horse farm in Kentucky on 11/14/2011.  Here's what Ray, Dakota's owner has to say about her:


She is an English Yellow Labrador Retriever.  Labs are full of energy so we saw an article about Dog Pacers in our local paper and I decided to look into getting her one.  She loves her treadmill.  All I have to say is “Do you want to exercise”  and she runs to the basement and gets on the treadmill.



Dakota is a very friendly dog and passed her evaluation test on May 17th and is now a Registered Therapy Dog for Pet Partners.  She works at two local hospitals.  Dakota walks around most of the time with a stuffed toy and she likes to put it down in place of one of my shoes and takes off with the shoe.  She is still young and wants to play keep away.


The Exact Way to Tell if Your Dog is Overweight 



 To some, whether a dog is obese or not seems to be an open debate. Some people will say their dogs are not fat, and we can understand being defensive about that, afterall, that does tend to reflect on us as owners. But believe it or not, there is a relatively simple, uniform way to find out if your dog is overweight, and how to intervene early before it equates to health problems for our canine friends.

First of all, there are no excuses for having an obese dog. If we choose to get obese of our own accord, that is on us, but it is not fair to let a dog get fat when there are clearly other options available to them. You see, dogs are one of the species that doesn’t really choose what happens to it.
They are victims of their own environment. So if you are too busy to take your dog for walks or runs, that is punishing the dog, and that is not fair. Okay, okay, rant over and on to the good stuff.To tell if a dog is fat, and you need to know is their weight compared to other dogs of the same breed.
Dogs that are 10%-20% over their expected body weight for their size are considered overweight, and dogs who are more than 20% over their ideal weight are considered obese. And while this may not seem too noteworthy, do you know that the estimated number of dogs who are overweight in America is well over 50% of the dog population?
That is exactly why we call it an epidemic. Because when something is that widespread, it really IS an epidemic. BUT, an epidemic with a clear solution is far better than an epidemic with no end in sight.So remember, it’s not just you that gets affected when  you are too busy or tired to walk your dogs. The dogs themselves are the ones who suffer, and you know us well enough to know we just don’t think that’s okay, which is exactly why we exist. To change that, and the quality of life, for all dogs.



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