Feb. 6, 2013PRLog — Arguably the best dog treadmils on the market today! Mighty Mite Dog Gear is proud to offer the dogPacer and the MiniPacer dog treadmills.

Why choose dogPacer Dog Treadmills?

dogPacer Dog Treadmills were designed from the ground up. DogPacer engaged the firm SAS Mechanical Design LLC to develop and engineer a dog treadmill unlike any other. An engineer led the dogPacer design team with a background in designing rockets for space travel

dogPacer is made for dogs! Dogs have four legs, humans only two. Most human treadmills are not sufficiently long to accommodate dogs. The dogPacer has a longer belt to accommodate all those legs! Human treadmills don’t have leash bars and side rails needed for dog safety. What’s more human treadmills are built for upright control. The control panel on a human treadmill is at a level that a human can easily adjust. However, the panel blocks front exit from the treadmill. The dogPacer’s dog treadmill has the control at the front of the machine at a low level but off to the side so the handler can control everything when the dog is on the treadmill but the dog can safely exit from the front of the machine. The dogPacer is also quiet, streamlined, and safe so dogs feel more confident while on.

dogPacer was fine-tuned to accommodate almost all sizes and types of dogs based on thousands of hours of research and testing. The large dogPacer can accommodate dogs upto 179 lbs. The Mini dogPacer can accommodate dogs upto 55 lbs

dogPacer dog treadmills are compact, portable, lightweight and the big one is even foldable. Comparable dog treadmills do not fold, are not compact and can weigh hundreds of pounds. The dogPacer and Minipacer can be taken on the road to dog shows and events or used in even small apartments. These revolutionary dog treadmills are the perfect solution for professionals and pet owners alike who want to give their dogs much needed exercise no matter what the circumstance

dogPacer is affordable. Other dog treadmills made for dogs (and humans) can cost over $1000. DogPacer is priced to be accessible to a wider range of pet lovers.

The Minipacer dog treadmill has been engineered with the smaller dog and smaller spaces in mind. Don’t let the size fool you. The Minipacer dog treadmill is built from carbon steel and can support dogs upto 55lbs. The Minipacer dog treadmill is completely portable and will make your indoor exercise a breeze (please note because of its teeny size, this model is not foldable – but there’s no need for it to fold). The Minipacer is fixed at a 4.5 degree angle.

The original dogPacer is made for all dogs. It is designed to be light, foldable and portable but able to accomodate dogs from 1Llb to 179Lbs. It has a running area of 71″ x 16.5″. The original dogpacer comes at a 5 degree incline. This treadmill has four settings for adjusting:

1- 5 degrees
2- 6.5 degrees
3- 7.5 degrees
4- 9 degrees

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Affordable, easy, and just maybe – the best dog treadmills you can buy.